HIJRAHS: The ‘Third’ Gender.

This may or may not be a rant.                                                                                                                                          ((Please bear in mind that I may go to extremes which may be offensive to some and I apologize in advance.))

Recently I’ve been noticing ((and I’m sure most of you have too)) that there has been a lot of “buzz” about L.G.B.T rights; love is love and what not. So I’m casually scrolling through my News Feed, desperately failing in dodging all the rainbows when I come across a status which says:

“I don’t understand why activists want gay marriage legalized in India. How can a man think about marrying the man he loves when another man is not even allowed to marry the woman he loves?…..”

It made me think. Made me think a lot and all that thinking raised this huge question in my mind. Which I ((later)) realized had been on my mind for a long time now but me being me, ignored it and started thinking about chocolates instead.

Anyway, I thought, people are talking about legalizing gay marriage in India; a bond between two individuals who decided that they were attracted in more than one way to an individual of the same sex.

Well, what about those people who didn’t have a choice? What about those people who have been isolated and banned for something which they had no control over? Why are they considered a taboo? Why can’t we accept them?

You tell me, if we’re fighting for gay rights in India, what about trans rights?

Is it wrong to accept what is right?